2014 Non-Guaranteed Entry

The TCS New York City Marathon brings together runners from around the world. The non-guaranteed entry drawing helps preserve the unparalleled diversity of the race.

The entries available to non-guaranteed applicants were filled through three simultaneous drawings, one in each of the following categories:

1. "NYC-metro area" applicants (i.e., residents in and within 60 miles of New York City)
2. "National" applicants (i.e., United States residents outside of the tri-state area)
3. "International" applicants (i.e., non–United States residents, including Puerto Rico and other U.S. territories).

Random drawings are conducted to choose entrants from each applicant pool. To be selected, an applicant must provide a valid credit card, future expiration date, and authorization to charge. The provided credit card will be charged when the entry is drawn; if the charge is not approved, the entry will be removed and another entry will be drawn from the pool. 

The total number of non-guaranteed applicants and the number of such applicants in each on the three categories will not be known until the entry deadline. Therefore, neither the percentage nor the number of entrants ultimately selected in each of the categories can be determined before that date.  

Applicants in the drawings, whether or not accepted, will have paid a non-refundable $11 Processing Fee when submitting their applications. Such applicants, therefore, should carefully consider their likely chance of gaining entry through the drawings before submitting their applications and paying this fee.

Handcycle entrants are NOT selected through the non-guaranteed entry drawings. Click here for rules applicable to athletes with disabilities.