Happy Thanksgiving from NYRR, and thank you for running with us. Relive the 2015 TCS New York City Marathon in stories and photos.  

Run in 2016

**The application for the 2016 TCS New York City Marathon will open on January 21, 2016, and will close one month later, on February 21, 2016.**
On November 1, nearly 50,000 people ran the 2015 TCS New York City Marathon. Will you be there in 2016?
Enter for a chance to win one of 100 guaranteed non-complimentary entries to the 2016 TCS New York City Marathon.

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Processing and Entry Fees

There are no fee increases in 2016 (from 2015).

Processing Fee

Regular Fee: US $11 
This fee, required of all applicants, is non-refundable and is processed upon submission of the application. 
- Please ensure when registering for the drawing that you use a credit card that has an expiration date later than March 2016. 
- Please note that if you are selected for entry in the drawing and you do not have a valid credit card on file, you will lose your place in the entry process. 

Entry Fee

  • U.S. residents (those who live in the 50 United States or the District of Columbia)
    NYRR members: US $216;
    Non-members: US $255
  • Non-U.S. residents (including Puerto Rico and other U.S. territories): US $347

Entry fees will be charged upon acceptance. Once you have been accepted, your entry fees are non-transferable under any and all circumstances, and are also non-refundable under any and all circumstances except in the event of cancellation of the marathon (see Rules of Competition & Terms and Conditions below).

Included in the entry fee:

  • Entry to the 2016 TCS New York City Marathon (including fluid/fueling stations, medical support, entertainment, bag-check handling*, security, and more)
  • Runner “goody bag”, including official ASICS technical shirt and official Marathon Program magazine.
  • Official transportation to the start from Midtown Manhattan, Lower Manhattan, or the Meadowlands Sports Complex (New Jersey); Start festival, including breakfast and entertainment
  • Finisher materials: medal, food, beverages, United Airlines/Foot Locker Heatsheet™, official results magazine


*For the 2016 TCS New York City Marathon, NYRR will again offer a bag check /no bag-check policy. Once accepted into the race, you will be able to choose either a No-Bag-Check option, or a Bag Check option. At the same time, you will also be asked to choose your transportation option to the start. Please note: There will be limited availability for each choice. More details will be available at a later date.  

Rules of Competition & Terms and Conditions

Rules of Competition

The TCS New York City Marathon is organized and conducted under USA Track & Field rules. Entrants must also comply with New York Road Runners rules and policies and all applicable rules and regulations of the City of New York and its agencies and departments, including the Department of Parks & Recreation.

No skates, strollers (including running strollers), or animals are permitted in the marathon. The use of headphones is strongly discouraged, and if directed by a race official to cease such use, an entrant must comply promptly.

NYRR reserves the right to reject any entry and to impose penalties (see “Terms and Conditions” below) for violations of any of the aforementioned Rules of Competition.

Terms and Conditions

Reservation of Rights

NYRR reserves the right to reject any application and to impose penalties, including disqualifying and possibly banning violators from other NYRR events, including one or more future TCS New York City Marathons, based upon, but not limited to, the following conduct: violation of the abovementioned Rules of Competition; providing false information on entry forms; unsportsmanlike or other conduct that in the judgment of NYRR or its race officials could jeopardize the safety or lessen the enjoyment of participants; non-payment of entry fees; competing with an unofficial number or scoring tag; competing with an official number or scoring tag assigned to another person or from another event; transferring or attempting to transfer an official number or scoring tag to, or to obtain such number or tag from, another person; being paced during the race by a person not entered in the Marathon; accepting other assistance from non-participants; and crossing the finish line without having completed the entire race course.

NYRR also reserves the right to change the date, starting time, and/or course of the Marathon, as well as the amenities offered to entrants, and to make other changes with respect to the Marathon at any time for any reason, and any such changes will not entitle any entrant to a refund of entry fees, nor obligate NYRR to pay any costs or expenses incurred by any entrant due to any such changes.

Processing of Application/Fees

Your application will be processed upon submission along with the processing fee (US $11), which is non-refundable under any and all circumstances. Entry fees will be processed only if and when you are accepted into the Marathon. Your entry is non-transferable under any and all circumstances, and the entry fee is non-refundable if you cancel your participation or do not use your entry for any reason whatsoever.

Cancellation of Event

In the event that the Marathon is cancelled, and provided you did not gain entry through an official international travel partner (ITP), NYRR’s sole obligation will be to refund the entry fee (not including the processing fee) to the payer. For those who gained entry through an ITP (ITP Entrants), NYRR’s sole obligation to ITP Entrants in the event of cancellation of the marathon will be to refund to the ITP the fee paid by the ITP to NYRR in connection with each of its ITP Entrants, and each ITP Entrant will need to look to the ITP for any refund of the amount he or she paid to the ITP. Notwithstanding anything provided herein to the contrary, in the event of cancellation of the marathon, NYRR reserves the right not to refund entry fees or ITP fees if the making of such payments would not be covered by the insurance obtained by NYRR or would otherwise in the judgment of NYRR threaten the financial stability of the organization. Under no circumstances, including cancellation of the marathon, will NYRR be liable to any entrant, including ITP Entrants, for any other costs or expenses, including for travel or hotel accommodations, incurred in connection with the Marathon or its cancellation.