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Tailored to You

You can choose from three different program tiers—each one customized to your fitness, experience, and lifestyle. Purchase the tier that’s best for you, then input your age, gender, training history, race results, and schedule to start training like a pro for November 6, 2016. You’ll be able to set realistic goals, and your online program will adjust as your fitness changes.

Unlike Other Programs

Other marathon training plans are neither dynamic nor flexible, they don’t cater to your schedule, and they aren’t specific to the TCS New York City Marathon course. Our program uses proprietary insights from the NYRR marathon-finisher database and unique knowledge of the NYC course to get you on track. Let our experts take you all the way to the Central Park finish line!

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Training Programs

Training Programs Virtual Trainer Virtual Trainer Plus Virtual Trainer VIP
20-Week Program (Starts 6/20) N/A $199.99 $999.99
16-Week Program (Starts 7/18) $49.99 $174.99 $999.99
12-Week Program (Starts 8/15) $49.99 $149.99 $999.99

Virtual Trainer

A tailor-made online program that adapts as your training progresses, helping you set achievable goals and guiding you with expert advice on nutrition, injury prevention, and many more aspects of marathon training.

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Virtual Trainer Plus

A customized online training program, including one-on-one ecoaching from one of NYRR’s experts. You can email your coach for advice on pacing, nutrition, gear, or race tactics—or whenever you need some encouragement to stay motivated. 

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Virtual Trainer VIP

Professional-quality training, including a flexible online plan and personal ecoaching, as well as these VIP perks:

  • VIP Bus to Start (Note: Select the “No transportation” option when you choose your transportation to the start.)
  • VIP Tent at Start w/ food and heat
  • 4 grandstand finish line seats*
  • 2 Marathon Eve Dinner tickets*

*All Virtual Trainer VIP tickets will be available for pick-up at the TCS New York City Marathon Health and Wellness Expo.

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