Kelly Roberts, Brooklyn

You may know Brooklyn’s Kelly Roberts from her popular blog "Run, Selfie, Repeat" or recent #SportsBraSquad initiative encouraging women to ditch their shirts and be confident and proud of their bodies. A force in the body positivity movement, the self-proclaimed former president of the I Hate Running Club experienced her fair share of body image struggles.

In 2009, Kelly’s younger brother unexpectedly passed away. Struggling to manage her grief, she gained more than 75 pounds. With the weight gain came insecurities and a fight to regain her sense of self. Then one holiday morning, in an attempt to cope with her brother's absence and manage her grief and anxiety, she decided to go for a run. “I didn’t even reach the end of my block when, out of breath, I had to stop to walk,” she recalls. “An hour and a half and three miles later I was home, feeling a sense of ease and clarity that I hadn’t felt since his passing.”

Running has given Kelly a way to manage her grief and remove the crippling shame from her body image. "Running isn't impossible, it just isn't easy,” she says. “But through running, I've found a way to remind myself that even in the hardest times, as long as you can put one foot in front of the other, anything is possible.” Named by Women's Running as one of 20 women who are changing the sport, Kelly is running her seventh marathon.